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What is the Statute of Limitations on Crimes Committed in S.C.?

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"And for every crime, there's a criminal statute of limitations that puts a time limit on how long after the crime occurs prosecutors have to file charges. Generally, these limits vary depending on the type of crime involved, with misdemeanor charges having shorter time limits than felony charges."--FindLaw

Are Presciption Drug Overdoses Anderson County's  No. 1 preventable killer?

Travis A. Newton

"A black bag with Lortab, Xanax and Prozac bottles was found on her night stand. Lortab is an opiate, a pain killer like Oxycontin and Roxicodone. The prescription drugs are popular among addicts and common among overdose victims."--Anderson Independent Mail

Newton & Campbell Law Criminal Defense Lawyers (Anderson, SC)

A conviction on drug charges in South Carolina can bring serious consequences including prison time. Some states have enacted medical marijuana laws, allowing physicians to recommend the drug for certain illnesses possibly disqualifying  patients from criminal prosecution of simple possession marijuana charges. Other states have legalized marijuana for recreational use. Marijuana is still currently illegal in the State of South Carolina. In fact, a conviction for simple possession of marijuana in South Carolina can cost hundreds of dollars in fines or possible incarceration.


Certain illegal drugs (cocaine, methamphetamine, heroin, marijuana etc,) are restricted by the laws of The United States of America (Federal Law) and the State of South Carolina (State Law). The State of South Carolina has enacted severe penalties for convicted drug dealers. Before you speak with police contact a South Carolina Criminal Defense Attorney to discuss you statutory and constiutional rights and protections


If you have been charged with a criminal act or drug crime criminal defense attorneys Travis Newton and Rame Campbell can help you navigate the complex criminal justice system. Travis Newton has over a decade of experience as a Criminal Defense Attorney in court rooms all across the state of South Carolina. Rame Campbell is a former Deputy Solicitor of South Carolina's 10th Judicial Circuit including Anderson, Seneca and Oconee.


The Criminal Defense Attorneys at Newton & Campbell will relentlessly protect your rights in an effort to preserve your freedom. Time is often of the essence in hiring a Criminal Defense Attorney. There are deadlines for filing important court documents that may help your case. In most criminal investigations the police will have questions. If you are the subject of a police investigation a consultation with Anderson criminal defense attorney Rame Campbell before being interviewed by law enforcement could greatly benefit your situation.


Speaking to the police or members of law enforcement without  criminal legal representation could weaken your case and cause you to forfeit valuable constitutional and statutory protections. What you say to the police will be used against you. But you have the right to remain silent and therefore not talk to police or anyone else. It is important to exercise your right to remain silent until you have an opportunity to engage in a confidential conversation between yourself and your Lawyer.


Guilty pleas can have unintended consequences that can include the following:

  • incarceration 
  • unemployment 
  • a lifetime ban from owning firearms 
  • suspension or revocation of driving privileges
  • high fines with added court costs 
  • community service 
  • random drug and alcohol testing 
  • and a permanent stain on your criminal record


Anderson Criminal Lawyers Travis Newton and Rame Campbell will investigate the criminal allegations against you and the admissibility of evidence in an effort to protect your rights and preserve your freedom. Travis Newton & Rame Campbell can be reached at (864) 965-9148. Call for a free consultation.  If you are visiting Newton & Campbell Law P.A. on your mobile device please find the call button at the bottom of your screen.

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