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Travis Newton Criminal and DUI Defense Attorney Anderson, SC


An arrest for driving under the influence can leave the accused motorist in a state of anxiety and confusion. A consultation with DUI Lawyer Travis Newton can ease your fears and provide answers that lead to informed decisions on how to proceed. There is a presumption of innocence for drivers charged with DUI in South Carolina. Fear, anxiety, nervousness, and physical limitations can cause an innocent motorist to mimic signs or clues of impairment. A conviction for driving under the influence includes criminal penalties, DMV penalties, and potential negative consequences for professional and educational opportunities long after legal penalties have expired. Travis Newton defends clients charged with DUI in Anderson, Oconee, Pickens, and Greenville County.


The discovery process protects the accused from trial by ambush while enforcing the right of DUI lawyers to investigate evidence including incident reports, forensic lab reports, toxicology lab results, DUI traffic stop videos, DUI breath test videos, breath alcohol analysis test reports, standardized field sobriety tests, witness statements, and all other items of material and exculpatory evidence. The State of South Carolina's continuing obligation to disclose exculpatory evidence includes information that could exonerate a defendant or potentially impeach the credibility of an unfavorable witness. 


It is common for a motorist whose faculties are not materially and appreciably impaired to exhibit the same clues police use to identify impaired drivers. The physiological response to a police traffic stop often activates the sympathetic nervous system, triggering acute stress responses that mimic signs of impairment. The experiments used in developing standardized field sobriety tests were performed in a lab, eliminating the fear of incarceration as a consequence of failure. 


Standardized field sobriety tests are unreliable based on the methodology used in developing the tests and the scripted instructions police officers are trained to deliver during DUI investigations. If driving privileges are suspended for refusing to submit a breath, blood, or urine sample for chemical testing or for registering an alcohol concentration of .15 or higher, there are important filing deadlines that if missed will disqualify eligibility for the temporary restoration of driving privileges pending the result of a contested case hearing in the South Carolina Administrative Law Court.



A conviction for driving under the influence includes criminal and civil penalties from the State of South Carolina. A DUI conviction can also have negative consequences for professional and educational opportunities long after sentencing and DMV penalties have expired. DUI Lawyer Travis Newton defends clients charged with driving under the influence in the Upstate including Anderson Summary Courts and the Anderson County Court of General Sessions. There are important filing deadlines for challenging suspended driving privileges for refusing the breathalyzer so do not wait to contact DUI Lawyer Travis Newton for a free consultation (864) 965- 9148.



Travis A. Newton

Travis Newton is a graduate of Appalachian School of Law and Clemson University were he majored in Psychology.

Criminal Defense Attorney

Travis Newton  defends cleints charged  in the Upstate including Anderson Summary and General Sessions Courts.

Drivers License Suspended for Refusing Breathalyzer?

You may be eleigible to have driving privileges reinstated on a temporary basis pending the findings of a contested case hearing.

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