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Travis Newton & Rame Campbell are available primarily in South Carolina's Tenth and Thirteenth Judicial Circuits including Anderson, Clemson, Pickens, Seneca, Easley, Walhalla, Westminster, Simpsonville and Greenville, South Carolina.


Attorneys Newton & Campbell have decades of combined experience inside South Carolina Summary and General Sessions Courts. Anything you say can and WILL  be used against you. If you have been arrested or charged with a crime in South Carolina contact a criminal defense attorney before speaking to the police or members of law enforcement. By waiting you may be in danger of forfeiting valuable constitutional and statutory rights.

The attorney-client privilege is a very important right and a critical piece of being represented by the criminal defense attorneys at Newton & Campbell Law P.A. Attorney-client privilege protects information shared confidentially with our attorneys, during an initial consultation and throughout the course of our law firm's representation. The attorney-client privilege is the right of the client and can only be waived by the client. This means the criminal defense attorney is prohibited from disclosing confidential information without the client's consent. 


Attorney-client privilege is important because without it clients may be hesitant to inform their lawyer of information the client may perceive to be damaging. But without all the facts, a criminal trial lawyer cannot effectively defend the client which is one of the primary reasons the law protects the open and honest communication between lawyer and client. Subject to only very few exceptions, clients and prospective clients can freely share information about their situation with a criminal defense attorney and trust the private information will remain confidential knowing that the attorney is prohibited from disclosing privileged information.


Criminal defense attorneys handle a wide range of matters when a client has been arrested or charged with a crime. Anderson Criminal Defense Lawyers Travis Newton and Rame Campbell not only defend clients against criminal charges, but also work to invalidate illegal arrests, whether due to police misconduct, failure to provide Miranda warnings, or violating a defendant's constitutional search and seizure rights.


Once official charges have been filed, criminal defense attorneys can engage in the plea bargaining process in an effort to reduce or dismiss charges and negotiate sentencing matters. Individuals charged with a crime rarely achieve the same results as an experienced criminal defense attorney. If you've been charged with a crime, don't wait to contact a The Attorneys at Newton & Campbell Law P.A. 


Speaking to the police or members of law enforcement without criminal legal representation could weaken your case and cause you to forfeit valuable constitutional and statutory protections. You have the right to remain silent and therefore not talk to police or anyone else. It is important to exercise your right to remain silent until you have had an opportunity to engage in a confidential conversation between yourself and a criminal defense attorney.


Upstate, South Carolina Lawyers Travis Newton and Rame Campbell will relentlessly investigate the criminal allegations against you and the admissibility of evidence in an effort to protect your rights and preserve your freedom. Travis Newton & Rame Campbell can be reached at (864) 965-9148 for a free consultation.  If you are visiting Newton & Campbell Law P.A. on your mobile device please find the call button at the bottom of your screen.

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